Foundation 2D II: Assignment 03

Allocated location: Sembawang
Technique: digital manipulation
Colour scheme: mono, blue (Pantone 072 U), originally wanted to do risograph but it's too expensive for small-scale printing and nobody answered from the printer.
Paper: A4 glossy white, 128gsm
Method: digital manipulation (distortion)
– the focus isn’t the original photos but the warping. this zine is focused on the technology-obsessed millennials, which is why this zine takes what they know and uses it to push across a message.
Draft 1 (80% completion) – Kinfolk Style
Draft 2 (80% completion)
This is my first attempt at designing a zine/booklet kind of thing. It went through two iterations and changed quite significantly from each prior draft. I wouldn't say it's perfectly the way I want it to look but it came out as good as I could make it as fresh meat in the designing world.
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