Artist statement:
There, but not really.
[8 x A3 photos; pictured are 4 of 8]

There are a few kinds of loneliness. There’s the kind of not having someone around you, or just being isolated. There’s another, which is the kind you feel when someone is physically there, but not when you need them the most. It’s like they’re a ghost - they can be seen, they can be heard, but they’re merely there to be present. To us, them showing up means that they’re a part of the connection, but rather if you view it from afar, it’s a one-way thing that we are too distracted by the physical presence to see. Objectively, it’d be so obvious to tell that this isn’t a two-way connection, but when you don’t realise that you’re actually in a one-sided relationship with another, you end up feeling like you could’ve done something else to stop the disintegration of it since you never saw it coming.

- this project involves long exposure shots manipulated and edited onto the original image, after which its colour is altered.
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